Are you aware of the term range anxiety? It’s a term that was coined back on September 1, 1997 by Richard Acello in the San Diego Business Journal, used to describe the fear amongst owners of electric vehicles.

Wondering how the term is still relevant in 2022?

Though India is seeing a constant rise in the purchase of Electric Vehicles, a significant population is concerned about it running out of charge and the occupants getting stranded mid-way, this is known as range anxiety. People fear that this will cause them major inconvenience and take out the fun from their journey as they’ll have to go on a look-out for charging stations.

If you’re interested in purchasing an electric two-wheeler but you’re worried about range anxiety then here’s everything you need to know to reduce the perceived stress of owning an EV.

Does range anxiety only worry EV owners?

Gasoline powered vehicles can run out of fuel and leave you on the side of the road too. This is not an EV problem alone. Surely, at least once you would have experienced a time where you step-out to run a quick errand but as you start your journey you see the low-fuel indicator flickering on the instrument cluster. Now, it’s a race between distance and your fuel, whichever one that runs out first. It is exactly the same for an Electric Vehicle. If you make sure to carefully charge it then it won’t leave you stranded mid-way.

It is vital to understand that most daily trips can be accomplished with an inexpensive electric two-wheeler. Especially if you reside in a heavily populated area like Bangalore, it is not uncommon to experience heavy traffic, uncertain weather conditions or excess pollution, and even unreliable public transport systems commuting to and from work daily. To solve all such issues in one go, BuyMyEv’s new project, the INDIBIKE, is here to save the day! You won’t have to worry about hailing a cab or missing the metro anymore.

The Indibike is the ultimate bike for your urban mobility. It is fast and economical. The Indibike features a “QIZAPP”, an easy to use, removable battery system. One that looks similar to your laptop and charges like one too! All you need to do is remove the battery from the bike, connect it to a normal power plug point and within 4 hours it’ll be ready to travel an extensive range of 100 kilometers.

Doesn’t this sound exciting? Manufacturers of EV’s are well aware of the fact that people are worried about the shorter range of travel. To address this issue new options available in the market have resorted to increasing the battery capacities to travel a wider range such as the Indibike.

The feature allows everyday working professionals to make several trips during the day as and when they require. Now, you can drop your kids to school, drive yourself to work, and step out for a quick errand hassle-free.

The 100 kilometer range also allows users to travel further away from home. Enjoy the perfect weekend getaway and explore all the beautiful locations without worrying about range anxiety or hiked fuel prices because 4 hours is all you need to fully recharge your Indibike’s swappable battery and continue your journey.

In the coming years, the EV market is projected to grow exponentially. While some are convinced of the superiority that electric vehicles hold in terms of functionality, durability, and sustainability, others are yet to explore the market and fully understand the ample benefits of owning an electric two-wheeler.