If you have been keeping an eye on the latest developments in the automotive industry, you already know that electric motorcycles are the next big thing. From the sleek designs to the eco-friendly nature, electric scooters have taken all the buzz in the industry.

Every day, we see a lot of EV two-wheelers on the streets, and the rate at which EVs are taking over the market is simply astounding. We can’t help but feel overwhelmed by the sheer scale of this change. 

It’s almost as if a new revolution has been brought into the marketplace by the EVs. So, if you want to be a part of this revolution, you should definitely check out the benefits of electric scooter.

Advantages of electric scooter                   

Environmental Friendly Ride

Even though the electricity that charges your electric vehicle comes from burning fossil fuels, we still believe that EVs are way ahead when it comes to providing an environmentally friendly ride.

Electric scooters do not consume power at idle, which greatly saves resources that would have been drained in the case of petrol vehicles.

Compared to petrol variants, electric scooters consume far less energy to deliver similar output. As we move towards more sustainable means of electricity production, such as solar and wind power, emissions will further reduce.

Charging at your Convenience

Some of the EV two wheeler manufacturers in the market offer swappable batteries.

What this means is that you can conveniently remove the batteries and take it to your apartment or office area and charge it at your convenience. You no longer have to worry about the improvements in charging infrastructure or worry about getting stranded mid way.

If you are planning on buying a electric two wheeler we highly recommend you consider Electric scooters  that offer Swappable batteries

Increase in fuel prices

We all know how rampantly fuel prices have increased and we don’t feel it’s coming down anytime soon. 

Riding an Electric scooter costs you only 15% of the amount that would cost you for riding petrol vehicles

Scooters that run on petrol typically offer an average range of 50 km/liter. However, with the cost of petrol skyrocketing to over 100 rupees per liter, it now costs around 2.5 Rs/Km to fuel up your petrol scooter.

On the other hand, electric scooters offer an impressive range of 85 kilometers per charge. And at a cost of around 20 rupees per charge, the cost per kilometer comes out to just 0.25 rupees – that’s ten times less than petrol scooters! – Link

As a matter of fact we feel the fuel prices are only bound to increase

This gives a very strong reason on why it’s time we make the shift

Least Maintenance

Electric scooters have significantly fewer moving parts, which drastically lowers maintenance requirements compared to their petrol counterparts. Since there are no complex mechanisms like those found in petrol engines and the battery being the major service component, the overall maintenance cost will heavily decrease.

Government’s Subsidy benefits to EV adopters

The Indian government has undertaken numerous initiatives to promote sustainable transportation systems through the use of electric vehicles. These efforts are aimed at providing specific benefits to individuals who choose to adopt EVs early. 

Additionally, the government has provided both state and central subsidies, further lowering the cost of EVs in India. They are also exempt from paying road tax and registration fees in some states. 


We hope reading this article gives you a fair understanding of the benefits of electric scooters and how adoption of Electric two wheelers is being so rampant in India. 

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