Gen Z is  known for being an ultimate blend of tech-savvy and socially conscious generation. If you’re a member of this generation, you probably can’t remember a time before smartphones and you’ve probably lost count of how many social media accounts you have. 

But let’s be real, Gen Z isn’t just about TikTok dances and Instagram filters (although those are pretty great too). This generation is known for being multicultural, politically engaged, socially conscious and we believe that this generation is going to drive the future of electric vehicles.

Future of Electric Scooters in India

India’s transportation landscape is ready for a major shift  with electric vehicles (EVs) on the rise! The Indian government has set a goal to electrify 30% of its vehicle fleet by 2030 and is taking steps to make EVs more appealing to consumers. 

Imagine a future where 30% of private cars, 70% of commercial vehicles, 40% of buses, and 80% of 2-3 wheelers are electric – that’s the target for 2030. 

Okay, let’s be real – Electric Vehicles (EVs) are pretty cool, but how do we convince the rest of the world to see them that way? That’s the big question facing the EV industry. Fortunately, there’s a group of people who are already pretty excited about innovation: Gen Z and millennials. These guys (and gals) are always looking for the latest and greatest in terms of style, design, and performance. 

They want a vehicle that can keep up with their fast-paced lives and give them a smooth ride. The question is, can EVs deliver the drive that Gen Z is looking for and lead the EV revolution in India? 

Well, we think they can! Here are a few reasons why we believe Gen Z will be at the forefront of the EV movement in India

Tech-Savvy Gen Z: A Generation That Loves everything related to Tech

GenZ are known to be Tech Savvy and are one of the leading segments of our population that is keen on trying out new technologies. They are also the generation with very high adaptability. They love innovation and are drawn to the futuristic, high-tech nature of EV Two wheelers.

 We feel that people with these sets of characteristics are prone to do more research and gather information about EVs and are more open to consider  electric vehicles as a transportation option. 

Gen Z’s Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion: A Bright Future for Tech

Gen Z is a generation that values diversity and inclusion, and this is reflected in their attitudes towards the EV industry. Many are interested in supporting initiatives that promote diversity and inclusion in the tech industry and in the development of technology.

They recognize that not everyone has the same needs and preferences when it comes to transportation, and they want to see EVs that are designed to meet the needs of diverse groups of people. 

This could include EVs with features that are beneficial to people with disabilities, EVs that are designed to meet the specific needs of certain cultural groups, or EVs that are available at a variety of price points to make them more accessible to more people. 

By advocating for diversity and inclusivity in the development of EV technology, Gen Z is helping to ensure that EVs are a viable and appealing transportation option for everyone.

Gen Z’s Environmental Awareness: Leading the Charge in Sustainability

Gen Z is often referred to as the “activist generation” , with many individuals actively participating in social and political movements related to environmental issues. This environmental awareness is reflected in the purchasing decisions of many Gen Z consumers, who may be more likely to choose products and services that are environmentally friendly. 

In terms of transportation, many Gen Z individuals are interested in electric vehicles (EVs) because of their low emissions and sustainability. 

Gen Z’s Entrepreneurial Spirit: The Next Generation of Business Leaders

The growth of the electric vehicle (EV) two-wheeler industry offers a lot of potential benefits for Gen Z individuals who have an entrepreneurial mindset. As the demand for Electric scooters increases, there are likely to be many business opportunities in this segment, especially in the areas of developing the necessary infrastructure and building improved technology. 

Gen Z individuals with an entrepreneurial mindset have the opportunity to start their own EV two-wheeler companies or in developing new products or services within the industry. The growth of the EV two-wheeler industry also offers opportunities for Gen Z  to work with established companies as consultants or advisors, helping to bring new ideas and perspectives to the table. 

Overall, the EV two-wheeler industry is a promising area for Gen Z entrepreneurs to explore, with many opportunities for growth and innovation.


At Indibike, we believe that GenZ is the driving force behind the future of electric vehicles (EVs). Our team, which is predominantly made up of GenZers, is confident that this younger generation will lead the charge in taking EVs to new heights. 

We have full faith in the innovative and forward-thinking minds of GenZ to shape the future of EV technology. Get ready for a bright and sustainable future with Indibike and GenZ at the forefront!