India has made remarkable strides, bypassing conventional developmental stages and embracing the digital era head-on. In the realm of urban mobility, where there are pressing issues related to limited capacity and mounting sustainability concerns, we have witnessed groundbreaking innovations. 

Spearheading this revolution is BuymyEV, a highly accomplished homegrown manufacturer of electric two-wheelers in India.

Vivek’s Journey towards Sustainable Solutions

Back in 2016, Vivek constantly faced challenges while commuting the last mile to and from the metro. Often, he found it difficult to negotiate with the auto-rickshaw drivers for a fair price. Finding a cab during peak hours was also quite a challenge!

To avoid facing these issues every day, Vivek decided to cycle to the metro. However, after a couple of weeks, the lack of infrastructure and excessive pollution aggravated him. Upon talking to his colleagues and people around him, he realised that they faced the same issues.

He realised that Bangalore residents prefer taking public transit or their two-wheelers to manoeuvre through the endless traffic on the roads as it is quite exhausting. 

So, what did Vivek do? Well, he decided to take matters into his own hands. He wanted to work on a solution that would contribute towards bringing about a sustainable change in the transportation sector. And you know who joined him in this noble quest? 

Varsha Vasudeva!, a seasoned software professional with over 20 years of experience leading international teams at Oracle. With her expertise and enthusiasm, she was more than eager to embrace the challenge.

The Birth of Indibike: 

As their journey continued, Varsha and Vivek were determined to create a comprehensive solution that could address the myriad of challenges faced by commuters. Drawing upon their engineering background and innovative spirit, they hit upon a brilliant concept, electric two-wheeler!

But they knew they couldn’t do it alone. To turn their dream into reality, they needed a talented and passionate team by their side. So, they set out to gather a group of exceptional individuals who shared their vision.

After a meticulous and rigorous selection process, Varsha and Vivek were successful in assembling a team of 17 highly enthusiastic individuals. This talented pool consisted of skilled engineers, creative designers, and dedicated researchers, all eager to contribute their expertise to the venture.

With the dream team in place, they were ready to revolutionise the way people commuted, one electric two-wheeler at a time. And thus, INDIBIKE was born!


The Indibike has been designed carefully with the aim to become everyone’s perfect travel partner. Its unique design and excellent features will help in solving all your personal and professional needs. 

Take your partner on a weekend getaway, pick your kids up from school or drive yourself to and from the metro. Indibike has the ability to make your commute easy, exciting, and fun.

If you haven’t hopped on to the journey yet, we urge you to do so by booking your test ride!

Because once you experience travel without any hassle, there is no coming back.