Since our childhood, one thing that has always captivated us about bicycles, motorcycles, and cars is the presence of big, beautiful, and well-designed tyres.

Whenever we would sketch our automotive dreams, we made sure to emphasize the size and prominence of the tyres. There was an undeniable allure to these fat tyres, perhaps stemming from their audacity and dominance that made them truly awe-inspiring.

Interestingly, in the present day, the trend of the fat tyre continues to gain momentum. It has become a prominent feature in our personal commutes. Over the years, motorcycles have undergone significant transformations, and one noteworthy change is the widespread adoption of fat tyres. 

These tyres not only enhance the visual appeal of the vehicles but also offer a range of advantages, including improved stability and traction. In the following sections, we will delve deeper into these benefits and explore the reasons behind the growing popularity of fat tyres.

Inspiration behind the Indibike Fat Tyres

You might be wondering if it even makes sense for the Indibike to belong to the large wheel electric scooter segment?

Before we address this question, let’s delve into the inspiration behind the design of the Indibike. It’s important to note that the Indibike is not your typical two-wheeler found on Indian roads. Right from the start, it’s evident that this bike stands out with its fat tyres and bold stance. 

This  bike is a testimony to what the country’s youth aspire to be. When you are riding it on the road it gives you a feeling that you are bold, fearless and aspirational. The fundamental design inspiration behind the Indibike was to ingrain this character into it. So that it accurately embodies the aspirational Indians.

Next to answer, from a practical point of view yes there will be increase in resistance due to the increased contact patch of road and tyre. But Indibike as a whole is dynamically well balanced so  there won’t be any problems when it comes to maneuverability.

Let us now dive into all the good benefits that comes along with the Indibike fat tyres

Benefit of Fat Tyres in Electric Scooter:

Stability and Control

One of the primary advantages of fat tyres in Indibike is the enhanced stability it provides. The increased contact patch with the road results in a larger footprint, leading to improved balance and control. The broader tyre profile ensures better grip during cornering, reducing the risk of slipping or losing control. With fat tyres, riders experience a more planted feel on the road, which is especially beneficial when navigating through challenging terrains or adverse weather conditions.

Increased Traction

Fat tyres excel in delivering exceptional traction, making them ideal for Indian weather conditions. The wider surface area allows for more rubber to meet the road, enhancing grip and minimizing slippage. This increased traction is particularly advantageous in loose or uneven surfaces, such as dirt trails or gravel roads.  Riders can tackle various terrains confidently knowing that their fat tyres will maintain a strong connection to the ground, providing excellent control and stability.

Improved Ride Comfort

Fat tyres also contribute to a more comfortable ride. The larger volume of air inside the tyre acts as a natural cushioning system, absorbing vibrations and shocks from the road. This cushioning effect helps to smooth out bumps and uneven surfaces, reducing rider fatigue and enhancing overall comfort. Additionally, the extra sidewall height of fat tyres offers additional flexibility, allowing them to better absorb impacts and provide a more forgiving ride. The result is a more enjoyable and less physically demanding riding experience, especially during long journeys or on rough terrain.

Visual Appeal

Beyond their functional benefits, fat tyres add a distinct visual appeal to Indibike. The bold and muscular look created by the wide tyres can transform the overall aesthetics of a bike, giving it a more aggressive and powerful appearance. Many enthusiasts appreciate the attention-grabbing presence that fat tyres provide, making them a sought-after feature for those who value style and individuality. 


At Indibike, our utmost priority is to create products that resonate with the aspirations of the Indian people. We deeply value customer feedback and continuously strive to innovate and enhance our offerings. 

We invite you to experience the Indibike firsthand by taking a test ride and immersing yourself in the unique features it has to offer. You can click on the link below to book your test ride.